Our Partners

Cygnusoft is proud to have strong ties to many other vendors in the Silicon Valley and beyond. Below you will find some of the most helpful folks in the known universe, and we say that from long, personal experience.

Microsoft Corporation - Well what can you say, Microsoft is everywhere we go, and their software rocks. Cygnusoft has been working with Microsoft and their official partner programs for almost as long as they have had a partner program.  We are proud to be able to say that we are Certified partners, and that it means something very good for our customers; it means we have proved we know our stuff.  Our customer history proves we know how to use it!  Cygnusoft is also proud to claim we have passed the requirements to be counted as Small Business Specialists.  You can learn more about these programs by clicking on the logos below.

   Cygnusoft is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Hound Computer Solutions, Inc. - Need a website developed or some help with your design? These guys are Master Jedi developers and can make it happen in any web language. Those hounds must have a seriously high Midichlorian count to weild the coding force so flawlessly.

Fountainhead Law Group - We believe these folks are some of the best Intellectual Property (IP) law experts on the planet. If you can build a better anything, we will send you to FLG to get the paperwork done.  We did our last patent with FLG, and we will do our next one with FLG.  It's what they do, and they do it in the heart of Silicon Valley, and we have never seen better.  What else do you need to know?

Multimedia Consulting (MMCS) - Is your network haunted? Do you get error messages in some foreign language? No matter how odd the behavior, the guys at MMCS can figure it out, and make the computers behave like they should!  Whether you are trying to improve security with a new firewall, or just upgrade your desktop software, you want MMCS working on it with you.  Things just go smoother that way.  And they will never try to sell you something you don't need.  They simply show up with the tools and skills needed to get your networks running right, then they do the job quickly and charge a fair price for it.  Sounds simple, but there are not many places where you can just get the job done.  MMCS is one of them.
X-Media Inc. - These folks are simply amazing tech artists. Everything they touch looks good. They are relaxed, yet efficient. They are massively creative, yet down-to-earth. And you will never believe this until you see it, but they know what it's going to cost, really, before they start. It's just great.